Deion Sanders had two toes on his left foot amputated last fall. He is revealing what his left foot looks like following the amputation of two of his toes. With a warning message of “extremely graphic” content.

The head coach of Jackson State and NFL legend said that his big toe and second toe were removed due to blood clots. That were the result of a previous surgery. Doctors also feared Sanders might lose his leg.

The NFL legend, in continuing to release details of his horrifying foot injury in bits and pieces, showed the mangled body part in a new video posted to his social media page Wednesday. In the clip, Deion is showing his sons, Shedeur and Shilo, the injury for the first time.

He implored them to use his bloody wound and the ensuing recovery process as a reminder to always work hard. “Anytime y’all ever think about giving up anything, y’all think about this” Deion said. “I’ve fought through all of this for y’all”.


Sanders’ two sons, who both play football for Deion at Jackson State appeared to be in shock over the injury. One of them told the former Dallas Cowboys cornerback in the footage “You’re a good man”. Shilo added in a post on his social media page Thursday “I still haven’t looked straight at it til this day”.

Deion has said in recent posts that he’s doing much better and is promising to release more details about his recovery process in future episodes of his Coach Prime documentary.

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