The Game recently made headlines when he claimed to be better than Eminem. He also thinks he can spank Marshall Mathers in a Verzuz setting. Royce Da 5’9” offered his honest opinion on The Game saying that he’s a better rapper than Eminem.

The Game recently claimed that he’s better than Eminem as a rapper and it has stirred up some heavy discussions on the internet. During his appearance on Drink Champs, Royce commented on Kanye West, his time with G-Unit, and his opinion on Eminem.

At one point in time, The Game felt inferior compared to Eminem but that has clearly changed for him. He stated, “I used to think Eminem was better than me. He’s not, Ay, challenge it.”

He continued to hold his ground later but Royce Da 5’9’’ does not think that it would be an easy battle for the Compton legend.

Royce recently went live on IG along with Mike Zombie the producer of The Game’s next album where he was discussing the “Eazy” rapper’s latest comments saying, “I don’t think I remember a time when Game ain’t been top-tier with the raps,” he said. He went on to say that any rapper who mentions Em’s name will make headlines, though he added that every MC should have that type of confidence. Royce further said, “Game is a monster.”

“He’ll just have his hands full. Em is a hard dude to out-rap because nine times out of 10, you gon’ be sending him your verse or when he get your verse, he gonna aim to out-rap you. He ain’t probably get out-rapped ever. I don’t care what the scenario is. That competitive edge is always there. Like, he never loses that.”

We’ll have to see what’s in the future, but The Game doesn’t seem to have a ton of people on his side with this argument.

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