Cardi B likes to keep herself busy with music but always has a knack for working in other media realms. She was supposed to be starring in Paramount Pictures’ upcoming movie. However, she has suddenly called off her role in the movie.

The Grammy-winning artist has recently dropped out of the comedy feature Assisted Living. The film was just a week away from starting production. The other cast and crew were just told the film has at least temporarily been scratched.

An insider told Deadline that the abrupt exit is due to her feeling ‘overextended’ with her busy schedule. The $30 million movie was supposed to be produced by Temple Hill and were to be directed by Thembi Banks. However, all hope is not lost since they might come back again later this year to restart the project.

Cardi previously confirmed her involvement with Assisted Living in 2021, by retweeting @hosthetics’ post: ‘WAP = working at Paramount.’ In the film, Cardi’s character Amber is wrongly accused of a crime. The character then later picks up on old lady prosthetics to hide out in her grandmother’s retirement home.


Last year, Cardi portrayed Leysa alongside the Fast and Furious cast. She played a woman who shares history with Vin Diesel’s street racer character. Justin Lin’s latest installment to the franchise, F9 amassed $726.2M at the global box office last year.

Cardi B is finding it hard to come to a reasonable solution with her work and private life. With two kids to take care of, she already has a lot on her plate. Hopefully, she reconsiders the role sometime later in the year.

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