Cardi B has revealed the first photo of her son. Earlier today, the rapper tweeted a photo of one of her son’s eyes, complete with eyelashes. While many of Cardi’s fans were overjoyed to see a glimpse of her baby boy, others chastised the singer for seeking attention.

On Wednesday, Cardi B revealed that her son is going through teething pain and he’s been sad all day. A fan then inquired as to why his teeth were coming in and they hadn’t seen him yet. Cardi B, however, responded with an eye-opening photo of him and the caption, “That’s all y’all will get.”

One fan commented under the post, “It was never that serious. Just don’t show the baby at all if you gonna do this.” Another person wrote, “Always attention-seeking when Nicki (Minaj] is the hot topic.” Cardi became aware of the negative comments and responded.

“How people mad cause people was asking me to see my son and I replied ? It seems like I can’t do or say nothing these days wit out people getting irritated. Maybe i should delete my social medias or just die cause Wtff.”

She continued with a follow-up tweet to say, “If I post is cause I want attention ,If I speak my mind is cause I want attention, if I post a pic I want attention ,I’d I talk about my kids which I’m wit everyday is cause I want attention…Like wtfff”

Cardi B and Offset welcomed their second child together in September and have yet to announce his name. However, Cardi B revealed on Twitter last month that there was a small chance she would unveil the boy’s name with a face tattoo.

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