Cardi B is currently one of the most well-known female rappers. Despite the fact that she hasn’t released an album in years, she continues to make waves with whatever she does, whether it’s music, a Twitter rant, a public appearance, or whatever else she does.

Cardi B’s Twitter activities enraged some of the trolls today (March 6). She began it all when she tweeted about other industry musicians DMing her but not treating her the way she wants to be treated:

“I wish I can show y’all my DMs. On God these industry btches are weird and pssy. Y’all really don’t have a mind of your own and everything is a game to y’all.”

A Twitter user inquired why she didn’t tag the persons she was referring to when she posted this tweet, which she later removed. Cardi responded by claiming she addresses the folks in the DMs directly, so they know the tweet is for them in the first place:


“I don’t have to put a @ cause I definitely let them have it directly in the DM so they know this tweet about them .. YOU JUST DONT KNOW !”

The same person then asked why she feels compelled to tweet about the DMs, to which Cardi replied that this is what Twitter is all about: “Cause Twitter ask to tweet what’s happening and that’s what the fuck is going on you dick chewing geese.”

We’ll keep an eye on Cardi B to see what new actions or Twitter rants she comes up with next. Keep checking Thirsty For News for the latest updates about Cardi B.

You can check out Cardi’s original tweet below.

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