Freddie Gibbs has been very quick to share his thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have struggled to find team chemistry and may not even make the NBA playoffs this year. LeBron James has said this season is just different from all the others.

Freddie typically does his basketball criticism from the comfort of his phone or behind a keyboard. Rarely does he feel like he has to answer for his opinions. During Super Bowl weekend in Los Angeles, Gibbs found himself fearing for his safety.

Freddie ran into LeBron James during the big weekend last month. Gibbs posted a clip to his Instagram Story where he talked about the meeting. Freddie Gibbs thought LeBron James might beat him up for the negative things he said about the Lakers.

“I talked to LeBron Super Bowl weekend. I was like, ‘Oh sh*t!’ Look, I thought LeBron was gonna beat my ass. I ain’t even gon’ lie, man. I was prepared to get my ass whooped for talking sh*t about the Lakers.”


Fortunately, Freddie Gibbs didn’t get the beating he was expecting. LeBron James is focused on trying to turn around the Lakers’ season. It is not likely that he has thought twice about the rapper’s criticism of his team’s play.

Freddie is a huge Lakers fan. Like most fans, he wants the team to succeed. With a roster filled with superstars and incredible talent, Gibbs is frustrated. LeBron James could probably tell him a thing or two about how it feels to be a part of such a disastrous team.

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