Lil Uzi Vert has been very consistent in releasing new raps over the past few years. He has most recently got a unique pink diamond pierced to the middle of his forehead, some sources claim that the diamond cost Uzi over $24 million. Now he is dipping back a bit and going Dark as his look has shifted once again. Let’s see how long he keeps it going.

Uzi has put on yet another dramatic new look this weekend, he also changed his profile pics on Twitter and Instagram where he flaunts his new spiky hairstyle. Uzi was sticking out his tongue and looked stylish in his spiky hair.

“Woke up back that evil Uzi,” the rapper shared on IG Stories on March 5 adding, “Oh yea, it’s alot of people who thought I was done and prayed every night that they would take my spot. Boy oh boy just fasten your seatbelts. Oh sh*t I almost forgot, y’all dress funny. I don’t wanna look like nobody.”

His new hairstyle makes him look unique from all other male rap artists, However Rico Nasty was previously seen in a similar hairstyle.


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Sanchari Ghosh

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