Lil Uzi Vert is known for his intense lyrics and attitude. That recently got him in a bit of a tight situation. Recently, things got a little out of hand between Lil Uzi Vert and a man. A viral clip shows him charging at the man with aggression.

A short clip of the confrontation started doing circles on the social media after the man in question shared his bits and pieces. While it’s unclear what led up to the argument, but Uzi can be seen charging at the man recording him before a woman gets a hold of him.

Someone in the background can be heard saying, “Yo bro, leave it alone, bro, just leave it alone.” The man provoked Uzi as he said, “You wanna fight?”In another clip, the man can be heard threatening Uzi, “Yo, I’mma f*ck your b*tch, too, she wanna suck my d*ck.”

The video frame moves too quickly to make out any more details. Following the clip went viral, fans got busy trying to figure out the identity of the woman in the video. Some questioned if the woman is Uzi’s girlfriend, JT, while others argued that it isn’t her because of her skin tone.

Whoever that woman may be, she’s being hailed for keeping Uzi out of harm’s way. The last thing he needs during the holidays is a lawsuit of thousands of dollars.

Uzi still hasn’t commented on the altercation and details about the situation are still unclear. You can check out the video below.

Shubham Banerjee

Shubham is a computer science student. His love for technology, gadgets and coding pushed him to pursue a career in this field. Seeing his friends working for thirsty inspired him to write stuff. He loves information , reads about anything and everything and thirsty provided him a way to share this passion for being informed with the world in a mutually beneficial manner His personal interests include photography , exploring all kinds of music and football. Being disappointed with Barcelona's performance in Europe is the only constant in his life.

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