Cain Velasquez is currently being held in a San Jose, California jail. The former UFC champion is charged with attempted murder after he shot wildly at a car containing a man who allegedly molested a close relative of Velasquez. Cain recently requested bail.

Santa Clara County judge Shelyna Brown denied that request, according to TMZ. Brown said that Cain Velasquez is too great a risk to release into the community. Velasquez showed up for the hearing wearing a black and orange jumpsuit and shackles.

Velasquez will have to remain in his cell until his next court date. That is currently set for mid-April. Velasquez faces ten criminal charges which include attempted murder relating to the shooting.

Court documents noted that Cain Velasquez rammed his truck into the car carrying the alleged molester and his family. Cain then fired several shots into the vehicle. Harry Goularte, the man accused of the heinous act of child abuse, was unharmed. Velasquez did hit his stepfather with at least one of the shots.


The MMA community has come out in support of Cain Velasquez since the incident. Ronda Rousey said she would have done the same thing but worse. Joe Rogan shared similar sentiments.

All the support in the world doesn’t make it legal for Cain Velasquez to take the law into his own hands. Cain is facing very serious charges. It will be very difficult to convince a judge that he did the right thing. Velasquez is still considered a danger to his community by the court and will remain in jail at least until the case is resolved.

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Michael Perry

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