WARNING THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS: Directed by Matt Reeves’ The Batman had a solid debut, opening to a whopping $57 million on Friday and is projected to hit $120 million through the weekend. It is undoubtedly being praised by many. However, social media critics have labeled it to be too “woke.’

Pattinson’s Batman is set in a modern world and draws similarities to the current real-world political atmosphere, especially the 21st century, post-2000 era. The film’s right-leaning critics are taking issue with how politics are depicted in this new flick.

Spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk; One specific scene that draws most of the controversy is Batman and Catwoman discussing how Riddler is only targeting rich, corrupt politicians and similar people in positions of power. Riddler is doing so in the name of social inequality and justice.

Catwoman, who is played by Zoe Kravitz, argues in the movie that people whom Riddler is knocking off might actually deserve it, labeling them as “white privilege as****es.” This line of dialogue, given the movie’s casting, has Twitter going frenzy.


Critics are pointing out how White men played all the antagonistic roles in the flick, whereas those on the side of justice, like Catwoman, are played by people of African descent.

One tweet reads;

Woke politics effecting the #Batman all the bad characters are white men. Falcon,penguin,riddler, Commissioner, chief, DA. Ignorant Rich white boy Bruce Wayne, morally corrupt politician Thomas Wayne but all the good guys are black. Gordon, Catwoman, mayor. Nice work Hollywood.

Another user wrote, in batman there is 1 line of Rascist dialogue. and there was NO need for that at all, it was pathetic and WOKE , and they used the word ”white men running gotham city” wtf was the point of that?and I actually saw the couple to my front left clearly show they were not happy.

It is pretty apparent that the movie, from a political standpoint, will receive mixed reactions. After all, it is impossible to please everyone when you create projects such as this. However, the movie is doing fantastic at Box Office.

Check out the criticism below.

Bhupen Dange

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