Kodak Black announced in late January that shortly after his release from prison, his daughter was born. However, he has a unique take on parenting and gift-giving as he has recently chosen to spend a lot of money on his son King’s birthday.

For his son King’s seventh birthday, the controversial rapper chose to splurge. Instead of buying a pair of shoes or toys for the child, Yak decided to give him a diamond grill. “Junior Kodak, you already know what time is it!” the jewelry exclaims as Kodak watches via FaceTime. “Kodak, he tryna be like you, boy!”

The child’s grill will most likely not be seen again in his life, but Kodak’s love for his son has resulted in far more unusual decisions being made on his behalf. Kodak was chastised on social media last December for encouraging a grown woman to twerk on his son.

In recent months, Kodak has firmly established himself as a father. In January, he and ex-girlfriend Maranda Johnson welcomed a daughter, Queen Yuri Kapri. Weeks later, he found out he was going to be a father for the second time, this time with ex-girlfriend Daijanae Ward. On February 25, the couple held a baby shower at which Kodak learned the gender of the child.


Days after the baby shower, Kodak expressed his desire for a boy. “I Wore Blue & Pink To Be Neutral About Everything Even Tho I Wanted A Boy Kuz I Just Had a Daughter In January,” he wrote in a post accompanied by photos from the gender reveal party. “I Was A Lil Upset When That Pink Smoke Came Out But It Is What It Is I Know We’ll Produce A Beautiful Healthy Baby !!!” He added, “To Be Honest I Was Suppose To Have Two Daughters Anyways For My Legacy !!! King , Queen , Princess & Prince. The Next One Gone Be A Boy tho. NO MATTER WHAT I WOULD FOREVER LOVE ALL MY KIDS THE SAME.”

We’ll keep watching Kodak Black to see what unexpected antics he gets into next. Thirsty For News will be right on his next big purchase or bold statement.

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