Chaney Jones, Kanye West’s girlfriend, has been compared to Kim Kardashian. Many fans have been wondering who Kanye West’s new girlfriend is while his relationship with Chaney Jones heated up. However, Jones has recently revealed who she is and what she does for a job on Instagram.

Obviously, this suffices to say, but it appears Chaney wanted to emphasize the point this weekend with an “about me” section that would undoubtedly assist folks, because, really, no one knew much about her prior to this. She sort of appeared out of nowhere. Chaney threw up 5 facts that represented her in since-deleted IG posts, which were captured and shared before she removed them, and depending on how you interpret this, some of these points may or may not be shade at Kim.

She first shared a photo of herself from behind, which she claims was taken when she was just 20 years old and before her Brazilian butt-lift. Following that, Chaney appears to have put up a list of self-factoids. Jones introduced herself as “European, French, German, West African, Nigerian & Ghanaian.”

There was also the possibility of a little saltiness being thrown in Kim’s way. For example, Chaney claims to be of mixed European and African ancestry, with roots in West Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. The explanation for this could be important as Kim has been accused of copying Black culture before, so this may be something or it could just be a factual statement.


Jones added:

“No I have never had surgery on my face, I was born like this,”

Both Kim and Kanye are dating young ones in their twenties. The difference is that although Pete isn’t being compared to Ye, Chaney is unmistakably being compared to Kim, especially in terms of their bodies. However, Chaney seemed to be attempting to set herself apart. Ironically, the things she chooses to emphasize may make her appear much more Kim K-ish than before!

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Smita Singha Roy

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