Paris Jackson is Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe’s only daughter. Everyone has a childhood experience that has influenced them in some way as an adult. Paris recently accused doctors of handing out medications like candy at Utah boarding school.

Paris Jackson is spilling the beans on her time at a behavior modification school, where she claims doctors and psychiatrists gave addictive medication out “like candy.” Jackson revealed to LVR Magazine that she suffered from PTSD as a result of her boarding school experiences.

The late pop icon Michael Jackson‘s daughter went into great detail about how she would beg psychiatrists at the school to stop giving “behavior medications” to every student who displayed signs of the disorder, among other claims. After her father died, the 23-year-old attended a private school for three years before being sent to the Utah boarding school in question. She was only in the correctional facility for three years, but she claims it was the most traumatic experience of her life.

Jackson accuses the “unconventional” school of deceiving students’ parents so they “wouldn’t be alarmed if their kids called to complain.”


“If a kid decides to call their parents and say, ‘Please get me out of here,’ the center will likely hang up the phone and call the parents back to say, ‘Don’t listen to them, they are manipulating you, doing everything they can to get out of here.'”

“There should be a better vetting process [in everything] — before you medicate — or something even more dangerous, like selling a gun — you should vet them. It’s important in all kinds of situations. It could be as simple as a job, or as complicated as medicine or a weapon.”

“Psychiatrists hand out addictive medication like candy without really vetting the patient. There is no harm in vetting.”

She went on to explain how the school avoided legal repercussions, “There are a lot of things at play in those schools. They can shut down and reopen under a different name to avoid lawsuits, and it depends on how state laws work.”

Jackson did not say whether or not she was medicated, but she did say she was traumatized by what she did see within the school’s walls. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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