The jeen-yuhs docuseries has given the public access to Kanye West’s rise, and it has been an eye-opening experience for even the most ardent followers of the rapper. Throughout his career, West has been the target of numerous disputes, but in recent years, his outspoken character has caused a stir, particularly on social media.

Regardless of what one thinks of West’s actions, his influence on the industry is unquestionable. He’s a well-known character in both the music and fashion industries, and jeen-yuhs gives the audience a glimpse into his early creative endeavors.

Dame Dash and Jay-Z lured West over to Roc-a-Fella Records around that period, and now Dash muses on West’s fame with The Jasmine Brand. Dash even went on to say that Kanye West is “our new Michael Jackson.”

“I was the guy who always ran around with a camera ’cause I knew that these moments were priceless, it was just a matter of when it was time. So, I was glad that they actually took that advice and did that, or at least followed the example. I got a lotta footage, but it’s just the time, it’s always about the times. I think this is the right time for that.”

Dame believes West is “our new Michael Jackson, whether that’s negative or positive, but that’s just what it is.”

Dash wasn’t anticipating such an aura from West, but he clarified his analogy. He claimed that everyone is watching every action Ye takes. According to Dame, he “triggers the world.”

When asked if that was a quality he had noticed in West earlier in his career, Dash said no. He wasn’t as brash back then, but he was always self-assured. Dash then went on to talk about his own impact, recounting his industry firsts. Check out the video below.

Do you agree that Kanye West is this generation’s Michael Jackson? Sound off in the comments!

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