Paris Jackson is getting famous as a young wonderful singer of the industry. Jackson inked a deal with Republic Records in 2020. On Valentine’s Day 2020, Paris Jackson sang a new song in Aspen about an ex who broke up with her.

Last Thursday, according to Daily Mail, Paris Jackson stunned guests drinking and dining at the St. Regis Resort in Aspen, CO with an impromptu performance featuring songs from her newly released EP The Lost, including one about her ex Gabriel Glenn. Before performing Breathe Again, the 23-year-old Michael Jackson heiress said.

“This next song is about my ex. This is the song that’s on my EP that came out, f***, I don’t know? 10 minutes ago?”

“We broke up two years ago on Valentine’s Day and then I wrote this song. So I hope you like it, I know he won’t.”

Paris wrote on Instagram the same day, promoting her three-track album with the caption.

“Because who doesn’t love a lil EP about an ex lover?”

The crowd commotion in the packed restaurant drowned out Jackson’s delicate whispery voice and acoustic guitar strums.

“I don’t write happy songs,’ the self-described ‘mediocre Thom Yorke impersonator.”

“So, when I do and try to write a love song it usually ends up being a song about me dying. So, that’s what this one is, it’s called Yellow Bird.”

Paris was dressed modestly for her show, wearing a brown reptilian-print motorbike jacket, a white blouse over a red velvet top, and brown suede slacks. Jackson spent last Valentine’s Day at Craig’s in West Hollywood with self-taught metal artist Michael Bradley, but she previously dated Gabriel Glenn, Michael Snoddy, Chester Castellaw, and Tom Kilbey.

The Lost, a Republic Records record, includes Adagio’s original break-up songs Breathe Again and Lost, as well as a rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Never Going Back Again from 1977. However, Paris astonished everybody with her song. The words of Paris had a deep significance that was adored by many. For more updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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