Kodak Black has been a big supporter of Donald Trump. The former President pardoned the rapper before leaving office in 2020. In January Kodak celebrated being free for one year, which he said was the first time since he was 13. He has passed another judgement on the Trump matter saying America made a great mistake.

After receiving a rare presidential pardon from Donald Trump during his final days in the oval office, Kodak Black has practically become a mouthpiece for America’s former Commander-in-Chief. The Florida rapper has praised Trump in songs like “Last Day In”. He’s proudly displayed his autographed ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap on numerous occasions.

In a recent interview with the co-hosts of the Full Send Podcast, the 24-year-old emcee gave his friend yet another ringing endorsement by stating that his fellow Americans made a huge mistake in voting him out back in 2020. “I gotta show support. I’m forever indebted to that boy” Kodak said. “Getting rid of Trump was the worst thing that America could have did”.

Although Kodak isn’t alone in the rap community to get pardoned by Trump. High profile artist Lil Wayne also received a pardon from Trump before becoming an outspoken supporter of the formerly impeached president. Lil Wayne even met with Donald Trump in person to talk about something called ‘the platinum plan,’ which was meant to return ownership to the community.

Kodak’s support of the former U.S. President falls in line with other Floridian rappers who also endorse Trump. Rappers such as Lil Pump and Forgiato Blow. Kodak, who is fresh off the release of his Back For Everything project, also touched on his interest in bitcoin, returning to his hood, and welcoming another child this summer.

Scroll down to watch the recent clip of Kodak Black talking about Donald Trump :

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