Cardi B has taken to court asking a federal judge for a permanent injunction against Youtuber Tasha K. It’s been only a month since Cardi B won a $4 million defamation verdict against the YouTuber. Now the rapper is looking to get her permanently banned from spreading “harmful and disgusting lies.”

In a new Thursday night filing Cardi B and her lawyers allege that an additional court order is required to force the YouTuber to remove any of the defamation statements she has made on her social media accounts.

The filing seeks Tasha K from “repeating and republishing” her “patently false” statements that claim Cardi B has herpes, engaged in prostitution, used cocaine, and committed adultery, Rolling Stone reported.

“Not all of the videos and posts containing the defamatory statements have been removed from defendants’ social media accounts.”


The filing further mentioned that the YouTuber had testified in court back in January that she would not stop posting these defamatory statements unless legally forced to.

The rapper initially sued Tasha K back in 2019 when the YouTuber posted several videos of aforementioned claims. This situation eventually went to trail and jury found that YouTuber had legally defamed the “WAP” artist.

A judge has yet to rule on Cardi B’s new request but we’ll will keep you updated if anything happens, until then stay tuned.

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