Lala Kent’s fanbase is certainly divided. “The Vanderpump Rules” rules star is known to do sponsorships on her Instagram; recently she did one and got roasted by some of her fans. This is just one of the things that comes with being incredibly famous, something Lala knows all too well.

Kent took to her Instagram story to do an advertisement for “Snow Days” pizza bites. Her viewers were not quite pleased by her recent flick. Kent advertised the snacks as “grain-free,” “cruelty-free” and many more.

One vegetarian fan who took the issue with her advertisement vented his anger against the 31-year-old actress. He shared the screenshot of Kent’s story to Reddit and criticized her for promoting meat products as cruelty-free.

The original Reddit post read:

“I’m sorry but can someone explain how Lala says a meat product can be cruelty free? Is it just me or does it sounds like she’ll spew out any words that sound good for a sponsorship? She’s literally talking about eating buffalo chicken but promotes it to her followers as ‘cruelty free.’”

Some other fans decided to slam the Bravo star for the outfit she was wearing in the said advertisement. Kent wore an all-black hoodie over her head whereas her face was make-up free. “Why is she dressed as the grim reaper?” said one fan. At the same time, another fan wrote, “I like that she really pulled herself together to do this Instagram ad. Lol like at least take the hood off.”

Fan continued making fun of Lala’s outfit, “Why is she promoting this dressed like a wizard,” while another asked, “Is Lala a monk now?,” wrote one user. “She looks like she just broke into someone’s house and after stealing the jewelry decided to raid the fridge and do an ‘influencer’ post with random food.”

Interestingly Snow Days official website doe not promote their product as cruelty-free but simply organic and grain-free. Much of Kent’s criticism only comes from the former. Her Instagram story has been since deleted.

Check out Kent’s deleted Instagram story and fan reactions below.

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