The drama between Lala Kent and Randall Emmett has been well documented in the news for the past couple of months. After dumping Emmett, Kent has continued to give fans more insight into their fallout. Kent has now shared some outrageous information regarding the film producer.

On Wednesday, Kent, 31, took to the Instagram comment section to make new claims against Emmett, 50. The post on which Kent commented was shared by a page named, One Mom’s Battle.

The post stated that Emmett received backlash for how he treated Lala Kent after the movie producer shared pictures of his daughters on Instagram. Lala has previously cited cheating as the reason for breaking it off with Emmett. Today on the post, she divulged into details.

“Let’s talk about it.,” Lala started. I was alone during most of my pregnancy and for the first 7 months of her life, until the mask fell and I saw who he really was,. He started a relationship with a 23 year old in march of 2021- the month I gave birth.”

Kent pointed out that Randall went out, “travelled together” with other woman while she was alone at home with their newborn daughter, Ocean. Kent then said that Emmett told her he was “working,” when asked where was he.

“I tried to leave the home to gain clarity and avoid a toxic environment for my daughter- but anytime I did he threatened to call the police if I didn’t return ocean to the home,” Kent continued. “But if he felt we were good and he was in control again, I was able to leave the house. I did what I had to do to leave the relationship with my baby. His new 23 year old girlfriend was ‘basically living’ in the home 2 days after I left.” 

Kent also made it clear that the problem with Emmett wasn’t limited to just women and cheating.

“I was able to get out- but now my daughter is in the hands of a broken court system. Narcs thrive when they are under a microscope. I am not blind to what is going on, tho. It makes me sick that my sweet daughters face (a picture I took and sent to him by the way) is what pops up when he does his dirty work.”

Kent clarified in a separate comment that Randall is still dating the same 23-year-old by adding that she’s not “upset” with her. She is just sad for her as she views her as the next “victim” of her ex.

Following their breakup, Lala Kent announced that she hired a private investigator to run checks on anyone that would enter her life.

Lala’s full comment on the post can be read below.

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