Key Glock tweeted, “doing music don’t hit da same” after Young Dolph’s death. It turns out that a lack of Dolph in his life might encourage Key Glock to seek out a new passion.

The rapper is now taking into consideration a career change. He told his fans that he wants to attend acting school to forward with his post-music career.

After the death of Young Dolph, who was his closest collaborator and cousin, Key shared that it has been hard for him to focus on music. In February, he shared with his followers that even though he composed a few tracks, he produces his best work with Dolph.

The Memphis rapper shared on Twitter that he might be retiring sooner from rap since it’s not the same for him anymore. “Finna go to acting school,” Glock tweeted. “Doing music don’t hit da same for me anymore.”


There was no mention of his partner Dolph’s passing in his tweet many people have concluded that he lost his passion for rap following the death of his friend. A few weeks back a person tweeted that he “needs therapy” to which clock answered that he was well aware of his mental state and is trying to get help.

If all goes well Key Glock can recover and succeed as one of the top Memphis rappers as of today.

Do you think Key Glock will have a successful acting career? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Sanchari Ghosh

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