Kanye West is one of the most over-analyzed figures of our industry. Whenever he makes one move, whether it’s a fashion choice or a sudden move he makes, it’s constantly interpreted for him.

West recently launched out a microphone from his hand at the “Donda 2 Experience” event. While many formerly believed that it was due to him being angry at all the technical problems occurring at the event, the rapper himself has a different explanation for it.

Kanye gave an on-screen appearance and answered the much-asked question about his apparent fit at the Donda 2 event. He explained using an odd analogy of mixing Taco Bell and KFC to say that he was simply taking back control.

Yeah, it wasn’t really about the sound, it was the fact that one thing I was told was that I had to write ‘performance’ on the piece. But what I was giving you guys was performance art. I did these listening sessions when I dropped my album where I put a mask on and I give you this listening session and it’s an installation. And they basically forced me to mix Taco Bell and KFC. They basically forced to mix tequila with cognac. So right when I did the song and I saw myself grabbing this mic and it wasn’t my original idea, I was like, ‘I’m gonna throw this mic. Why am I doing this?’ I’m in control of me. That’s the whole reason why I got the Stem Player. That’s the whole reason why I tweeted the contracts. To have the ability to sell out a stadium, 50,000 seats in 5 days, and then to be told by a promoter, ‘Still grab that mic, boy.’ I ain’t grabbing the mic if I don’t have to grab the mic.

The rapper’s listening parties are more experiential than anything. Why anyone would want his perform at an event where he gives theatrical, artistic presentations for his music doesn’t entirely make sense. Regardless, this definitely puts the old rumors to rest about him being mad at his production team.

Ye’s interview was conducted by Sasha A. Berg and Esther Coco Berg, who posted the footage of Ye explaining the mic-move based on his own request. You can checkout the footage down below.

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