Kanye West Kim Kardashian’s relationship, following Kardashian filing for divorce last year, has had its ups and downs. As of late, the two have them have not been on the best of terms either. It seems Kim Kardashian is all for Kanye West’s new flame as well.

For the past week or two, Kanye West has been spotted with Chaney Jones, the woman whose style has been accused of being a carbon copy of Kim Kardashian’s. This certainly got fans talking as well for good reason.

Kanye West himself also recently admitted that he was drawn to Chaney Jones due to how similar she looked to Kim Kardashian. The two are also not in an official relationship either.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim Kardashian is “quite relieved” by Kanye West dating Chaney Jones and she is also flattered by Jones’ fashion sense on top of that.

“But, if that is what Chaney wants to do to get the attention she is seeking, or win over Kanye, so be it. Kim’s focus right now is herself, her children, and her relationship with Pete.

Kim knows that she’s considered a fashion icon, so the fact that so many women, including Chaney, try to emulate her is really quite flattering to Kim. Does Kim think it’s a little peculiar that Kanye has dated a few women now that resemble her? Yeah, she does.

Most women in Kim’s situation would probably feel the same way. But as far as her feelings go, Kim doesn’t have the time or energy to concern herself with who Kanye is spending time with.”

The two started going out shortly after Kanye West split up with Julia Fox. It was made abundantly clear that Kanye West is not looking for anything serious right now, so it is likely his fling with Jones won’t last very long.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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