NBA YoungBoy is currently awaiting trials on the charges of being equipped with illegal firearms in Baton Rouge, September 2020. YoungBoy had been incarcerated for a while, but it seems like there’s finally good news coming from his problematic legal situation.

The rapper, real name Kentrell Gaulden, had his legal team submit a motion to deem the firearms and video footage that was taken from his arrest inadmissible. Their hard work at pushing for the evidence being inadmissible has finally come to fruition.

U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick ruled that the firearms will not be suppressed as evidence. However, they would approve the video evidence to be removed as it was a cause of misinformation.

The video evidence showed that the rapper had firearms in his hands, though it could not be used in any way to deem that the rapper had used them to commit any crimes with them. The Judge said in the 48-page ruling that:

The mere fact that a camera was recovered at the scene of an arrest does not generate a ‘substantial probability’ that evidence of a crime will be on that camera. Additionally, without an allegation that the camera was in use when the alleged crimes occurred, the assertion that the camera contained evidence is purely speculative.

That still doesn’t mean that the rapper is completely off the hook. The rapper faces drug charges in California as well. He was arrested with 15 other people as they filmed a music video in a vacant lot. As the police found a lot of arms at the scene, the rapper ended up receiving a few charges such as possessing a firearm as a convicted felon and illegally possessing of an unregistered firearm.

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