Kanye West is considered a genius when it comes to being a businessman and also as an artist. Donda 2, in its entirety, is just around the corner. The entire album will release on February 22nd this year but it will only stream on the Stem player, which certainly annoyed fans.

Kanye West has a new target in his sights: Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, and he’s going after him hard. Ye slammed hard in a diatribe against Corey Gamble, indicating that he and Kris Jenner had broken up. And that was just the beginning. He describes Corey as a good but not fantastic person, someone who became the television version of a father figure, as he puts it.

God has a plan to remove the Godless Corey needed to never be here anyway. He once told my wife he knew what music she should be listening to. So when I seen him a week later I had him removed from my daughter’s birthday party.

Kanye appears to be upset by Corey’s intrusion into Kim Kardashian’s life. Then he accused Gamble of pushing Kim to the left, claiming that he established a strong bond between his wife and the leftists. He had the impression Corey worked for DuPont or another company with a similar background.

Then, dismissing Gamble, he said, “He’s now on his way to his next task. His task has been completed.” Ye later embraced Kris, whom he formerly referred to as Kris Jong-un, and said that it’s not by accident that he adores Kris. That woman is a true hero who has gone above and beyond to protect her family and ensure their well-being, even if it meant urging everyone not to listen to him. Her hustle, her grind, and her mind are all things Kanye admires. Well, it was just another day.

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