Louis Tomlinson is prepared to put a stop to his live gigs if one of his fans becomes ill, and after a show in Minneapolis, it’s clear that his security is as well. The former member of One Direction put on a sold-out gig recently, and as he neared the finish of the event, he glanced into the standing-room-only audience, abruptly paused the song, and then shouted out on the mike for aid.

As security personnel raced up to a distressed female fan, Louis pleaded with the crowd to allow them to pass. “Make a hole,” he and the guards yelled, and then Tomlinson stood calmly onstage, allowing the rescuers to perform their duty. When she was being escorted out of the theatre by security, Louis decided to turn up the lights and take 5.

Fans in the area soon banded together and cleared a route to the exits. This latest occurrence proves it: musicians are much more sensitive to sick or injured audience members. Billie Eilish, of course, did it at a gig in Atlanta a few weeks ago, allowing the entire audience an opportunity to unwind, sit down, and take a step back from the stage.

Billie even gave her inhaler to a sick fan a few weeks ago, saying she likes to make sure her fans are safe while she performs. During an L.A. show, John Mayer also slowed things down for a fan. As we previously noted, several individuals mistook Billie’s statements for a dig at Travis Scott.

Scott’s Astroworld concert resulted in the deaths of ten people, including children. Celebrities are now making sure not to follow the footsteps of the horrific tragedy. Louis returned to the stage and finished the act after his admirer was escorted out of the venue. Witnesses said he was supportive throughout the event… a.k.a. the new normal.

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