Doja Cat is one of the most popular artists in the industry right now. A fact backing this statement is that her current Spotify statistics are on top of the charts than the established singers that came before her. Doja Cat’s life is surrounded by two seemingly constant storylines: her relationship problems and her regular Instagram live sessions.

Doja Cat showered Nicki Minaj with a huge praise. Doja Cat has confessed that Nicki Minaj was one of the artists she admired the most as a child. During a recent interview with Billboard, Doja spoke about Minaj’s influence on her.

It’s pretty obvious that I’m in love with everything Nicki Minaj has put out into the world. You have your Janets and your Beyoncés. I look at [other artists’] projects and performances and go, ‘Wow, I hope one day I get to that point.’

Doja was able to work with Nicki on a remix of “Say So,” however Nicki did not appear on Doja’s most recent album, Planet Her. Minaj took to explaining on a Clubhouse session why she didn’t accept Cat’s offer to feature on “Get Into It (Yuh).” She explained that she wants to keep things straight between artist and artist.

The middle management was what ticked Minaj off. Doja Cat has been on a wild run lately when it comes to ventures other than her music career. Her interests in doing commercials and adverts has been a thing which she enjoys very much.

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