One Direction is one of the most popular boybands of all time. There was a time when the five members of the group sang together and successfully made a lot of music. When Zayn Malik left the group, it was a dark time for the fans at the time.

The fans still haven’t forgotten about his decision. Liam Payne, another member of the boyband, certainly hasn’t let it out of his mind. The 28-year old singer took to TikTok in order to blast Malik for leaving the group.

Payne perfectly lip-syncs with the audio of a confused man yelling “Are we absolutely sure what direction we’re going?” Payne also told Malik in the caption that he hopes he finds it funny.

POV the meeting after zayn quit. forgot I had this in draft. #sunshine 😂😂😂 forgot I made this a while ago hope you see the funny side.


One Direction have their origin story in the UK version of The X-Factor. The band was formed in 2010, 5 years after which Zayn Malik went his separate ways into order to have a solo career. (Tramadol) Eventually, all of them took to pursuing their solo careers, while the band still remains.


##sunshine 😂😂😂 forgot I made this a while ago hope you see the funny side

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