Chelsea Houska is a lightning rod for criticism. Fans of the hit reality series Teen Mom are constantly dragging her over something. Houska’s appearance is one of the most frequent targets.

The reality star recently got slammed for a photo with less makeup than usual. Chelsea’s new HGTV show has been crushed for various reasons. Teen Mom viewers just can’t stop making fun of Chelsea Houska.

The latest Chelsea bashing session came after Houska posted a photo in which she appeared to have undergone some cosmetic procedures. Fans noticed the marked difference in her face between 2018 and today. A Reddit user posted a side-by-side comparison and the difference is quite noticeable. The negative comments immediately rolled in.

“Her bottom lip is so heavy with filler it can’t stay up now.”

“I think she changed something about her eyes. Is it called hooded eyes? It seems like she doesn’t have that anymore. Something is different imo.”

“This makes me so sad to see, in the early days of teen mom 2 Chelsea was always one of my favourites. The person she’s became the past few years is nothing like the person I watched growing up on tv, like many people have stated she’s become arrogant and obnoxious. Fame has gone to her head and I think she’s trying to find more ways to stay relevant and in the spotlight.”

“Wow. She can hardly move her face.”

Most Teen Mom fans agree that Chelsea Houska has had some sort of work done. The criticism will continue at this point no matter what Chelsea does or says. If she is happy in her skin, that’s all that matters.

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