Unless you live under a rock, you know who Madonna is. Unfortunately, with fame comes criticism. However, it looks like our queen is unbothered and isn’t afraid to clap back at online trolls.

Madonna has been quite active on social media over the past few weeks and while she was at it, the singer shared a gallery of selfies looking as youthful as ever. The online trolls were quick to grab the opportunity and started hating on her for looking like a teenager. However, the hate didn’t stop Madonna from posting pictures of herself and this time she even has a stark message for the critics.

The Queen of Pop scribbled a series of messages over new pictures of her face, with one reading, “Don’t f**k with me!” Another showed her looking unimpressed with the message: “I’m sure I don’t have stupid written across my forehead.”

A third saw her posing with lighter hair alongside the words: “Blonde ambition.” This isn’t the first time Madonna is being criticized for her snaps. The singer was previously called out for trying to look like a Kardashian.

“Omg, now even Madonna looks like a Kardashian,” wrote one critic. “Why are you trying to look like Kim Kardashian?” wrote another. Not to mention, one even asked her to act her age.

Madonna has been chastised online for decades. From 50 cents trolling her for the way she dresses, to Nelly asking her to cover up, Madonna has seen it all. However, our queen is nonchalant and thriving.

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Anushmitta Dutta

Anushmitta is a Computer Science student who has a passion for becoming a famous creator. She loves to explore new domains and believes that her unstoppable passion is all the strength she needs. She doesn't believe in limitations hence she started working for Thirsty. Anushmitta is obsessed with anime and loves to express her emotions through dance. She is unstoppable when she starts jamming to "Hey there Delilah".

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