Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are ready to tell fans about their lives since leaving Teen Mom 2 in 2020, and it involves a lot of plans. The parents of four, who met on the successful MTV documentary series in 2014 and married in 2016, are slated to star in a new HGTV series titled Farmhouse Fabulous.

Teen Moms usually start their own little business ventures after gaining fame. Chelsea Houska DeBoer has her own lifestyle brand “Aubree Says” which also received negative feedback. Houska gets occasionally slammed by fans for her T-shirt dress, hair extensions, fashion sense and appearance.

Most recently, one user published Chelsea’s Instagram post to kick off a Reddit discussion. Fans were there to troll Chelsea on her new HGTV series. The headline of the discussion read: Chelsea’s post about the new show.

A Redditor said: “Oh sh-t!!! Jenelle’s gonna be pissed. But seriously I kinda figured this was her next step. I believe someone predicted it here a few months back.”


Another stated: “I don’t understand how literal professionals would be overlooked for someone who copy/pastes other designers ideas into her home 🤦‍♀️”

A third person chimed in, saying: “It was in. Farmhouse is now very much on its way out. But it’s South Dakota, so it will probably be a decade before they realize it LOL.”

A commentator pointed out: “This is so annoying. Chelsea has no taste. She has no personality or style. She’s as vanilla and boring as they come. There are so many talented real designers out there and they go with her?!?”

Houska went on with Cole DeBoer after her breakup with Lind. They married in October 2016 and are the parents of three children. The entire Reddit thread is attached with this article along with the Instagram stories from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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