Bray Wyatt was let go by WWE back in July 2021, soon after his release from WWE many believed that his exit proved the company’s bad management. As you may know renowned artist Jason Baker has had a big hand in creation of special effects we have seen on WWE TV.

Not to long ago in November Baker revealed that he and Bray Wyatt are working on film. Baker provided more info and current status on his project on a RocknRoll beer Guy podcast episode.

“It’s happening. It’s going. We did some stuff in November in Tennessee and we’re working on some more stuff. It’s coming along. Hopefully, people like it once we get it all put together. I had such a blast working with him and directing him when we did the original, first eight Firefly Fun House segments, we just clicked and became really good friends. He’s an amazing collaborator and one of the smartest people I know. Why wouldn’t I want to (work with him)? We have some other really good people involved. It should be fun once we finally get to put boots to the ground, which is always the hardest part, getting all your ducks in a row, which we’re working on, and going from there,”

We have not heard much from Wyatt ever since his release. Baker was then asked if about his opinion on Wyatt’s release:


It’s all above my paygrade. Again, I have an amazing relationship with Bray and an amazing relationship with WWE, they have been amazing to us. Of course, I wish he was still there, it was some of the funniest things I ever got to do, professionally and personally, was involved with him and WWE. Again, circumstances that I was not a part of and I don’t know exactly what went down. It’s just sort of how it goes. Would I like to see him back there? Of course. Is he going to be? I have no idea. Even if he was, I wouldn’t want to know because I want to be surprised just like everyone else. If he goes comeback, I hope he doesn’t tell me and I find out like everyone else.”

It does seem like many want to see Wyatt come back in the wrestling scene but we’ll have to see about that. However Wyatt is scheduled to be at annual WrestleCon In Dallas so fans can still catch him there.

h/t: Fightful for transcription

Bhupen Dange

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