T.I had a solid rap career, but nowadays the 41-year-old rapper is attempting to make it comedy stand-up scene. Fans might love this but comedian Godfrey doesn’t seem to be a fan of the Atlanta rapper trying something new.

Not too long ago, Godfrey took issue with T.I on his podcast In Godfrey We Trust. The rapper had performed a set right after Godfrey in Atlanta when the Nebraskan comedian was the headliner for the event. Godfrey did not like this, not one bit “As a headliner, no one is supposed to go up after you,” said the comedian on his podcast.

T.I became aware of these comments made at him by Godfrey and took the issue to his Instagram Live. T.I seemed incredibly confused as to why he would say such things about him instead of considering the 41-year-old rapper his ally

“What you are failing to do is recognize something, someone who could be an ally, someone who could be an asset, someone who could add value, and you misrepresenting that as opposition,”

T.I. on Monday Instagram live

T.I wants Godfrey to know that they are not each other’s opponents.

“Bruh, I’m not your opponent,” the rapper continued. “You been doing this and how long you been doing it and for somebody to come on after you headlining. Hey, bruh you know how many of these comedians there is out there rapping right now? You know how many comedians there is doing rap? I’ve been rapping since I was eight years old bruh. It took me… probably twenty years to god damn get where I wanted to be. You dig what I’m saying?”

“You said in your little interview is you said that he’s not a comedian and had you taken the time to come to the stage what you said that you would not do and you should not do, but I disagree, you would have heard in my set I said ‘I am not a comedian, I’m a superstar.’ There’s a difference,” the rapper further added

It seems that T.I. just wants to make friends and be able to go outside of rap to try new things without people slamming him for his ventures. As you may know T.I. has acted in several blockbuster movies before such as first two Ant-Man movies.

Bhupen Dange

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