Bow Wow is working on his next studio album, which he has stated will be his final full-length release as an artist. The 34-year-old former child star began his musical career when he was just six years old. Snoop Dogg spotted the young rapper not long after his first performance in Los Angeles in 1993, and gave him the nickname “Lil Bow Wow,” which he kept for years.

Fans argued on social media last week that they couldn’t name three separate Bow Wow songs, inexplicably forgetting about songs like “Shortie Like Mine,” “Like You,” and even “Basketball,” which he released earlier in his career. Unfortunately, it appears that the trend has harmed Bow’s confidence, as the singer revealed his one regret on Twitter, stating that he wishes he had never published any music.

Bow Wow has stated that he wishes he had never released any songs. Bow Wow responded to a fan’s question about any regrets he may have had during his music career by saying that he wishes he had pursued acting instead of rapping.

“Do you have any regrets in the music business. If you could have done it all again, what would you change?” asked the fan. “Just been an actor and never touched music,” he responded.

Are you astonished to learn that, despite selling millions of CDs, Bow Wow wishes he had never worked in the music industry? Please let us know in the comments section. Take a look at the tweets referenced in the article below.

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