Kodak Black has gone through a lot over the past couple of weeks. He never thought that he’d be limping, that’s for sure. This is especially true if that limp is the result of a gunshot.

Black isn’t going to let something like getting shot in the leg get him down. He was able to show off the damage while happily proclaiming that every quarterback gets sacked.

The Trump-pardoned rapper seems to be doing fine. He posted on Instagram to flex a fantastic gift he gave his mother. Along with a long caption, Kodak Black explained how he bought his mama a $3 million mansion. He also gave his buddies $15k each. That’s not a bad gift at all.

Minor Incident Over The Weekend But All Praise To YAHWEH I Wasn’t Too Late To Put A Smile On Momma Face ! Soon I Landed I Bought Her A New Mansion 🏘 Fa 3’Million Dollars All Cash 💰The Realtor Was Real Enough To Get Us In There Within a Week !!! I Gave My N***** 15 Bandz a Piece Even Tho That Loyalty Priceless … & 3 New Rolex’s Kuz They Always On Time Fa a N**** ! Everytime I Make Some Mo Money Ima Buy The #ZQueen A Bigger Crib & I Snapped With This One , She Jus Came Back From Haiti To A New And Bigger Hize 😍!!! I Paid 30 Bandz For The Purple Birkin & Gave It To Her Wit 30 Thousand In It 🤷 Even Tho I Lost 30 Bandz Wit Da Bengals F*ck Dat Super Bowl !!!! I’m Jus Happy I Was On Time Fa Valentines , Ya I Was A Few Days Behind But I Make It Happen Captain 

Kodak Black is certainty a great son. He’s also healing up, but this amazing gift probably helped raise his spirits in a big way.

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