President Joe Biden made allusions that he would consider legalizing marijuana during his campaign. So far his promises on marijuana policy have so far gone unfilled. Kodak Black has some thoughts to share on the matter.

The Trump-pardoned rapper shared his thoughts on President Joe Biden during a recent Instagram Live session. He stated that Biden hasn’t come through on promises to legalize weed on a federal level. He called the President Joe Biden the N-word for his alleged unfulfilled campaign promise.

The clip was upload to Instagram by The Neighborhood Talk. In the video Kodak started off praising Trump. Afterwards he criticized the current President Biden, repeatedly calling both Trump and Biden “dat n—a”. “This n—a Biden, he don’t know nothing. This n—a said he was gonna come through and legalize weed. That was his first promise, in his first 100 days in office, he was gonna legalize weed federally” Black says in the nearly 30 second barely coherent clip.

“Cause I really need for that s–t to be legalized federally” the rapper adds just before the clip ends. Black’s recent push for Biden to legalize weed federally might be in connection to an incident that happened in April 2019. In the incident the rapper and his entourage were arrested outside of Niagara Falls after attempting to cross the border into the United States in possession of both unregistered firearms and marijuana.


Kodak has been a big supporter of Trump. The former President pardoned the rapper before leaving office in 2020. In January Kodak celebrated being free for one year, which he said was the first time since he was 13.

The rapper made the outrageous claim just days after being shot outside of Justin Bieber’s Super Bowl after party.

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