Joe Rogan revealed that he has COVID-19 and he is fighting it with a controversial method. The infamous podcaster and comedian is taking ivermectin, an animal dewormer that nobody with medical experience is suggesting as a treatment of COVDI-19.

Rogan contracted the virus after talking for countless hours about the subject. He also caused a fuss by suggesting that people in their 20s shouldn’t take the vaccine.

He cancelled a date on Saturday and said that he “felt like hell.” After going into quarantine, Rogan discovered that he tested positive for COVID-19. He immediately started taking every medicine that he could get his hands on. He claims to feel great after three days fighting the virus. He has not disclosed a negative test result as of this writing.

Ivermectin is a livestock dewormer drug that the CDC and the FDA have specifically warned against as a remedy to battle COVID. Rogan didn’t listen. We’re not certain if his taking that dewormer helped (it didn’t), but it’s good to know that the UFC announcer is doing better.

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