DJ Khaled’s music methodology is well-known: get together artists for a tune, hype the collaboration, then exclaim “We The Best” in the most motivating way imaginable. For NBA’s All Star Saturday Night, DJ Khaled headlined a star-studded concert.

However, in true DJ Khaled manner, he shouted throughout the performance. Some listeners, on the other hand, have yet to adjust to Khaled’s unique blend of qualities. On Saturday Night, Khaled assembled a ludicrous lineup of the game’s most popular musicians.

Although it was exciting to witness so many celebrities under the spotlight, some of the music was overpowered by Khaled’s vocal presence. During the initial act, which included Atlanta-born superstar Lil Baby, the majority of the most heinous transgressions occurred.

Baby made an appearance for a brief rendition of the 2021 smash “Every Chance I Get,” which piqued fans’ interest in an entertaining performance. To their dismay, censorship cut off a large portion of Baby’s verse. DJ Khaled roaring at the top of his lungs nearly drowned everything out.

Fans expressed their displeasure and annoyance with Khaled’s general presence during the performance on Twitter. Fortunately, Khaled was less intrusive throughout the subsequent guest appearances. DJ Khaled enlisted the support of stars like Gunna, Migos, Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne, and Ludacris for one of the biggest nights in basketball.

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Gunjan Nath

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