Jim Jones is notorious for cracking jokes, but when he reunited with his friend Angie Martinez, the conversation took on a whole other level. The Dipset legend has been around for decades and has acquired a level of success and respect that newbies aspire to.

The Dipset legend joked about being a “natural-born hater” and channeling that anger into success. “I’m a hater… I’mma natural-born hater,” Jones joked. “I hate and then I turn that hate into [motivation].” Jones and Angie had a lighthearted but amusing exchange in which the rapper demonstrated how he acts when he’s in full-on hate mode.

Khaled! Every time I see [DJ Khaled]… ‘Man, I’m tired of Khaled, man! Sh*t!’ ‘He’s not a model, but he’s modeling. How does he…?’ Like, I gotta get into my [bag], like for real.

Shout out to Khaled. One of the greatest hustlers in this industry.

He said this while attempting to maintain a straight face before giggling with Martinez. It compels Jones to go into his Khaled bag, according to Jones. Other musicians frequently criticize Jones and his achievements, but the Harlem emcee admits to having some hater tendencies of his own, which he utilizes to advance his career, according to Martinez.

Jones’ full interview with Angie Martinez, as well as a comical footage of him confessing that his first reaction is to do a little bit of hatred, can be found below.

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