Chrissy Teigen is an amazing mother and a wife and it shows when she discusses something as sensitive as pregnancy loss. She has been through a lot as a woman and now she wants people to understand her and stop asking whether or not she’s pregnant.

The model came out on Instagram on Saturday to confirm that she is indeed in the egg-retrieval process and has asked that people stop asking if she’s pregnant. Writing to her 37 million followers she said, ‘I humbly beg you to stop asking if I’m pregnant because I am the opposite of pregnant!’. In a lengthy caption, the candid media personality explained that she’s trying another cycle of in vitro fertilization. 

Chrissy was visibly frustrated at the fact that people around her kept asking such an insensitive question without considering her feelings altogether. Teigen then turned the caption away from herself and suggested that others stop asking women if they’re expecting in general. ‘But also like please stop asking people, anyone, if they’re pregnant,’ she wrote.

Chrissy moved to Stories to post new photos of her kids and husband. One picture showed her with her daughter Luna as the two sat at a table in a restaurant. Mrs. Legend smiled in a black baseball cap and low-cut black tank top as her mini-me followed suit in a white tank.

On Friday the model shared a photo of needles and capsules from a medical facility that suggested she was having an egg retrieval procedure. Last year the kitchen connoisseur revealed that she wouldn’t be able to have another natural pregnancy following the loss of her son Jack. She wrote over the image, ‘Here we go again.’

It’s very bold and impressive of Chrissy to come and say the things that burden her to the point of frustration. Humans have a huge knack for curiosity but they have to learn to channel it the right way without hurting people’s sentiments.

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