Kanye West has become more problematic than ever before. Ye has been posting all updates on his Instagram, perhaps sharing a little too much. Recently, he came forward to announce that he has lost a big sponsorship deal with Apple.

Kanye’s Super bowl commercial with McDonald’s was a hit. Apparently, the rapper also a had a sponsorship deal with Apple. The kind of sponsorship deal that was lost hasn’t been confirmed. It could be a sponsorship related to his music or other business ventures.

Ye posted a screenshot of a conversation with someone on his team named “Damian”. The message said that “Apple is no longer doing the sponsorship deal”. Ye captioned the screenshot with “Duh” and rolling eyes and laughing emojis.

Ye is trying to seem like he is unbothered by the loss. He has also posted about plans to appear on certain podcasts. Ye wants the podcast to take place in Miami where he can talk about movies.

Perhaps the split with Apple was a reaction to his exclusive DONDA 2 release on Stem player. The album will not be released in apple music. Ye’s decision to release music exclusively on Stem player hasn’t been well received by fans.

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