Future, who is also the executive producer of Kanye’s next album Donda 2, is no stranger to women and the problems relationships can bring. He used a handful of Ye’s most recent lyrics to demonstrate his point. Future and Kanye West have been sighted together several times recently.

The artists’ appearances at festivals and studio sessions sparked significant conjecture about whether or not they were working on a collaboration project. Fans had a suspicion that there was music in the works because of Future’s inclination and topics of choice, as well as Kanye West’s protracted divorce from Kim Kardashian.

When it was reported that Future will be executive producing Donda 2, these expectations were confirmed. Future, an Atlanta native, is one of the most prominent figures in today’s Hip Hop sound. He also has a habit of lavishing extravagant sums of money on the women he pursues.

Future recently updated his Instagram page with a new photo. “F*CK FLOWERS SENDA HUNDRED THOUSAND,” the caption reads. Kanye responded with a screenshot, saying, “I’m so honored Future quoted my lyrics from DONDA2,” implying that this line will be on the upcoming album.

He recently published a song called “Worst Day.” In the music video that goes along with it, he had a productive, therapeutic session with self-proclaimed life coach Kevin Samuels. Future claims to have spent upwards of $3 million on ladies in the previous year during the chat. This works out to $250,000 every month on average.

On 2.22.22, Donda 2 will be available on the Stem Player App. Do you anticipate Donda 2 and the full version of this song? Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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