Kanye West is making headlines for a variety of reasons these days, including the recent release of a 21-song track-list for his upcoming album, Donda 2. On Wednesday, February 16, Netflix released the first episode of Kanye West’s Jeen-Yuhs documentary. He detailed his early days as a producer trying to land a record deal as an artist in the documentary.

One of the most memorable scenes features Kanye “bum-rushing” the Roc-A-Fella office in New York City and performing “All Falls Down” to label employees. However, what appears to be everyone dismissing his music in the footage does not tell the entire story.

This was a common occurrence, according to former Roc-A-Fella A&R assistant Wayne “Wayno” Clark, who is now vice president of A&R at Quality Control Music. Wayno took to Twitter on Thursday, February 17 to provide additional information about the incident.

“Lmao the context behind this is he played this song in the office and did this with a camera crew like 10x, how many times can you have a crazy reaction to something you’ve heard 10x it was kind of annoying at that point. Y’all also gotta realize this is at a time when phones ain’t even have cameras on em, he came with a camera crew all the time recording everything. People weren’t used to that, Chaka hair ain’t even done you think she was happy to be on camera?”


“Ima stop talking but it’s amazing that people will tell me what happened in a video clip when I was actually there worked there and I’m in the damn clip.”

Wayno also singled out former Roc-A-Fella A&R Ramses Francois, saying he was one of Kanye West’s biggest fans at the label.

“When people mention Kanye please mention Ramses Francois who was an A&R with myself & Travis Cummings, there might not be footage on the doc but Ramses was one of Kanye’s biggest supporters at Roc & always took the time to listen to his music, Travis and myself as well.”

“Nobody at Roc disliked Kanye but it’s evident he didn’t fit in at a label that was mainly artists from the streets , but that’s exactly how & why it worked because he was so different it really stood out. Ramses doesn’t get any recognition because after Roc he didn’t do much in music but if you look in all those albums you’ll see his credits.”

Kanye West’s jeen-yuhs trilogy’s second episode is set to be released on Wednesday, February 23. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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