Trey Songz has been involved in a bunch on legal troubles. Last year Trey Songz was accused of two assault cases one in Miami and another in LA. The RnB singer has reportedly asked a judge to dismiss one case, claiming the woman’s attorney tried to pay off a key witness.

Trey Songz is being sued by Jauhara Jeffries for sexual assault in Miami. According to the lawsuit filed, she was assaulted by Songz on New Year’s Day back in 2017. It claimed that the sexual assault took place at Diddy’s home on the exclusive Star Island.

The new paperwork filed by the Trey Songz’s attorneys claim there’s an unnamed witness who could clear Songz’s name. It notes that the witness was with the pair at the club. The witness says they weren’t assaulted and also said they didn’t witness the singer assault anyone.

The document filed revealed that the witness claimed she was approached by the team of Jeffries’ lead attorney. The attorney tried to get her to switch up her story in exchange of money. The witness allegedly told Trey Songz’s team they were offered between $100,000 and $200,000.


The witness reportedly said she wasn’t interested in the deal and denied the money. The legal team for Songz says they feel the lawyer for Jeffries participated in “serious misconduct,” which should lead to dismissal. If proved in court, this could turn the legal battle in Trey Songz’s favor.

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Shifa Jahan

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