Reginae Carter is the daughter of rapper Lil Wayne and Toya Wright. Lil Wayne was just 16 years old when Reginae was born. However, the father and daughter duo were spotted celebrating Valentine’s Day together.

A photo shared by Reginae Carter on her Instagram showed her enjoying Valentine’s Day with her father. She captioned it with “My forever Valentine [heart],” Although rumors can be heard that Carter may be dating Lil Tjay, a New York-bred artist.

Reginae revealed that she was enjoying the day as showed off her bling and pointed the camera at her father saying, “The Best Valentine Ever.” In addition to it, she even shared the post on her story. They were seen sitting across from each other at a large dining table.

On her Instagram story, Carter was seen wearing an all-white set with shiny pair of heels. While Weezy wore a bright pink crewneck t-shirt in matching with a bright pink Balenciaga baseball cap. Weezy even wore a red heart chain to go with his sweatpants and sneakers of the same color.

Lil Wayne has recently announced that he will be performing at the upcoming “We Are One” music festival in Houston with several artists like Poppy, Lupe Fiasco, and Grimes. The festival is on May 14 and 15, 2022. Many artists are still waiting to be announced.

Check out her latest Instagram post below.

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