The Lyrical Lemonade founder Cole Bennet paid a visit to Eminem’s restaurant. He shared a picture that he took in the street of Detroit. Previously when Bennett shared a picture, a video of Eminem was accompanied.

The photograph shared by Bennett on his Instgram story was hint of Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant. Moreover, the picture had no description attached to it.

After few minutes, American rapper Stat Quo again reposted the same and added ‘Got You Some.’ In mid 2000s Stat was Dr. Dre and Eminem’s protégé, but his album with Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment did not release. After that Stat became successful as a song writer, artist and label boss.

Stat Quo has been seen working with Bennett. He even let out Dr. Dre x Eminem GTA snippet with Eminem. Stat by reposting the picture seems to be well clear that Bennett is there not only for a munch.

For Mom’s Spaghetti is the Godzilla director shooting a new Eminem video or promo? And in November an unexpected picture was posted by Cole Bennett of a road sign in Detroit.

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