It seems that Trey Songz is taking the anti-hero approach to 2021. While the artist has never really been a good guy, it seems he’s fully given into the dark side. After making headlines for apparently punching a cop & getting arrested for it, his sex-tape got “leaked,” which he quite opportunistically used to promote his Onlyfans account.

The latest act of Trey Songz has the entire social media shocked. After a video of Trey Songz went viral spitting into the mouth of two women, the reactions range from grossed out to utterly shocked. (

The clip shows Trey Songz standing shirtless right in front of two women, who are kneeling in front of him with their tongues touching while Trey’s saliva drips down onto them.

The fans took to Twitter to hilariously share their shock with the rest of the world. While it’s unclear that the video was part of a larger project or a music video, most speculation from fans suggests that someone leaked his premium Onlyfans content.


Nitish Vashishtha

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