Robert Pattinson is set to star in the upcoming film titled The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves. If you’re Batman fan, get ready with your guy-liner and all black outfits. The new Caped Crusader remarked that DC fans are Emo and even gave an explanation.

Pattinson has been the talk of the town as fans await the release of The Batman. So far, the trailer received a good feedback. The film is set to be a completely different take on Batman than shown in previous franchises.

While speaking to GQ, Robert Pattinson talked bout his role as Batman in the upcoming film. Pattinson admitted that it is by far the hardest thing he has ever done. He also confirmed that movie will not be very happy-going.

The actor said, “DC is the kind of emo comic.” Furthermore, Pattinson explained he found the art in DC’s books has a nihilistic side to it and believes The Batman channels elements of the comics into its narrative. “Hopefully, there are a lot of sad people in the world.” Pattinson remarked.


In the press runs leading up to the movie’s release Robert Pattinson has garnered a lot of attention. Mainly for his straight forward answers and laid back personality. This will be Robert’s first major commercial film after Twilight.

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Shifa Jahan

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