Rihanna’s big reveal came in on January 31. With her iconic look the singer let the whole world know that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky. The Fenty Beauty founder served us many looks since, each iconic in their own way.

Recently, Rihanna told to E! News that she tried to hide her pregnancy from her close friends as long as she possibly could. But Rihanna’s cravings came in the way and her friends got suspicious. After that, she couldn’t hide the good news for long.

Rihanna has been open about her weed smoking, but when she took a break from it and also alcohol to get pregnant, some of her close friends got concerned. “They’re like, “You don’t want something to drink? You’re not smoking?” she shared. “It was harder for me to keep it from my posse, because they’re around me, they know my habits,” Riri recalled. 

The “Umbrella” singer said she never had much of a sweet tooth. However, she has been very much interested in sweet snacks now that she’s expecting. Her sudden desires for sugary foods made her friends even more suspicious.


‘I’m eating all the things I’m not used to eating,’ she shared. Rihanna mentioned she is suddenly asking for cookies and donuts although she hated them before. “I just had to let it all out, and they were all shocked, of course, as the world was shocked as well.” Rihanna recounted that she couldn’t contain happiness any longer.

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