Freddie Gibbs is without a doubt one of the funniest rappers on social media. We had to find other pages to keep us occupied on Instagram for the previous few months after the 39-year-old rapper was banned from the platform. Gibbs mocked Mark Zuckerberg and the higher-ups at Instagram, when he kicked off his new account’s activity with an animated Simpsons version of himself.

Don Cheadle and Freddie Gibbs have long been compared to each other in terms of appearance. The Grammy-nominated rapper and Oscar-nominated actor eventually met and discussed the matter at the Super Bowl this Sunday. After their meeting, Gibbs recalled it on Twitter.

Gibbs wrote on Twitter, “N—- walked up to me last night and said ‘people say we look alike’ and it was Don Cheadle. The f-cking goat.”

Cheadle stumbled upon the tweet and replied, “true story. great meeting you, nephew. to be continued …”

For years, fans have joked about Freddie Gibbs and Don Cheadle’s resemblance, with admirers tweeting a photo of Cheadle with Gibbs’ name as the caption. One person fan wrote, “im convinced freddie gibbs and don cheadle are the same person.” Another one chimed in, “Young @FreddieGibbs looks like regular Don Cheadle, hairline and all.”

A third one pointed out, “Bruv, listen…if imagine if Don Cheadle was a rapper, like man’s looks kinda like Freddie Gibbs.” In the past, both Freddie Gibbs and Don Cheadle have addressed the doppelganger allegations. When a fan pointed up that they looked alike for Gibbs’ Day N Vegas performance in November 2021, Cheadle joked about going to the gig to verify they weren’t the same guy.

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