Freddie Gibbs and Gunna continuously adding more fuel to their animosity over the weekend. Since dissing Gangsta Gibbs on his current album, DS4EVER rapping: “I can’t f*ck with Freddie Gibbs/N****s tellin’ fibs,” on “poochie gown”, the two have been locked in a verbal battle, with Young Thug and Akademiks stepping in.

Freddie Gibbs, who has so far shrugged off the shots with a smile, clowned Gunna’s famous “drip,” as well as his new favorite catchphrase, “P,” this Sunday. The ESGN rapper tagged @FitAintNothing, a popular Instagram account known for criticizing celebrity clothing. He shared a snapshot of a recent Gunna costume, a full-length puffer coat teamed with a bejeweled cap, on one of his secondary Instagram accounts.

Gibbs also posted an Instagram post ridiculing the Atlanta native’s “P” catchphrase. “Only P you n****s is: Police, P*ssy & Pillow Talkers,” the post read), before adding “Peons” to the list.

Meanwhile, during a concert in his birthplace of Atlanta on Sunday night, Gunna continued his tirade on Freddie Gibbs. “F*ck Freddie Gibbs!” exclaimed the YSL signer forcefully on stage, eliciting anti-Gibbs chants from the audience.

Gunna’s beef with Freddie Gibbs dates back a few years, when the Alfredo rapper took a subliminal shot at him after footage of him appearing on a supposed episode of Crime Stoppers leaked, as he detailed on The Breakfast Club last week. The rap world is filled with feuds that constantly come and go. Even Kanye West and Drake recently squashed their beef. Gunna says it will never happen, but times and feelings can change.

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